Dharmai- Crystal Rainbow Chaser

Dharmai- Crystal Rainbow Chaser Posted: August 16, 2020

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Product Description

A charm every household should have

Every home needs a sun catcher that can bring beauty and positivity. We’ve carefully crafted the most elegant pendant and named it after the eastern spirit that is within the crystals.

Dharmai is a pendant like no other! Every crystal breaks the light into rainbow colors that illuminate the scene. Their universally gorgeous look can complement anything that needs decorating.

Dharmai’s look will seduce you from the moment you glance at them! You’ll find refined excellence in each crystal, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice as soon as you hang them.

Why Dharmai are for you

Enhancing with elegance- The crystal clear minerals break light into rainbow sparkles to shine beautifully anywhere you put them.

Crystal music- When there is wind each stone will produce a shooting sound when it collides with another. Giving you the perfect space to relax.

A décor with meaning- Dharmai look wonderful wherever you place them. Chagrining you and your home with energies of positivity.

Dharmai are the ultimate choice- Elaborately designed, our crystals are only of the highest quality, bringing elegance and charm to any place you hang them.

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