CushyU-Baby Neck Support Pillow

CushyU-Baby Neck Support Pillow Posted: May 21, 2021

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Product Description

The head support every toddler needs

The uncomfy carriages and seats can lead to many problems for your toddler’s fragile head. Our soft traveling pillow is built to keep your child comfy, safe and always smiling!

In its soft embrace, CushyU creates the perfect resting position for their little heads, effectively preventing the possibilities of short and long-term problems for their developing spines!

CushyU is a must-have on the road, with it the bumps won’t be felt, nor will the seats cause any discomfort. Make every trip enjoyable, safe and comfy for your toddler!

Why CushyU is for you

Travel without worry- Prevent the possibilities of head injuries and spinal deformation by keeping your toddler in an optimal resting position!

Sleep soundly- Don’t let the bumpy road wake your babies from their slumber, in CushyU’s embrace nothing will bother their heads!

Embraced by softness- Light, soft, and super comfy, CushyU is the perfect place for your kids to lay their heads on!

CushyU is the ultimate choice- Your toddler’s safety should always come first, CushyU creates a safe, comfy and optimal position to ensure the wellbeing of your child!

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