CurveClip-Tape Measuring Clip

CurveClip-Tape Measuring Clip Posted: June 23, 2021

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Product Description

Take the guesswork out of measuring corners

Using tape rulers on corners doesn’t give the precise readings you need. CurveClip is an addon that gives you accurate measurements for curves, corners and hard-to-reach areas!

You just need to clip it to the tape and you’ll be able to find the right measurements in an instant without having to eyeball the numbers or overcomplicating your work process.

CurveClip gives you the precision of a laser measurer in an affordable and compact tool you can use for just about every job and on any tape ruler you’ve got with you!

Why CurveClip is for you

Instant measurements- You don’t have to guess anymore, get an instant accurate reading of the corners that need measuring!

Reach every spot- The hard-to-reach spots are no longer impossible to measure with tape, CurveClip can give you the numbers on every curved spot!

Accurate every time- Ditch the laser measurer for a cheaper alternative you can fit in your pocket and attach on all your tape rulers!

CurveClip is the ultimate choice- Measuring the corners with your tape ruler will never be a challenge when you’ve got the right tool for the job!

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