CrystalGlitz – Galaxy Rainbow Glass Fountain Pen Set

CrystalGlitz – Galaxy Rainbow Glass Fountain Pen Set Posted: September 14, 2021

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Product Description

A hobbyist’s dream come true

Add a personal touch to Christmas cards, love letters, and scrapbooks by creating beautiful calligraphy with our CrystalGlitz set. Take the majestic glass pen and dip it into a selection of vibrant ink colors to produce lovely artwork on any canvas.

Feel like a wizard while you glide smooth ink onto a piece of paper until your masterpiece is complete! Use the different pen tips to add dimension to your artwork so that you can freely experiment with lines, textures, and shapes.

Why CrystalGlitz is for you

Effortlessly switch between colors – Simply wash the pen tip with water, dab it on tissue paper, and dip it into the next color that you want to use!

Smooth writing experience – Write long lines without interruption even when you only dip the pen once into the pigmented inks.

Multiple color options – Have the freedom to create colorful pieces of art by utilizing all the ink colors that the CrystalGlitz comes with.

Fun activity for all – Whether you’re young or old, CrystalGlitz brings out joy and creativity each time it’s used.

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