Crystaframe-Personalized Photo Frame Music Box

Crystaframe-Personalized Photo Frame Music Box Posted: July 23, 2021

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Product Description

A special way of remembering your beloved memories

A simple frame is not good enough to keep your precious photos on display. Crystaframe gives you an opulent way of decorating your room with four photos of your choice!

The remarkable craftsmanship adds an exquisite taste to the room and a lovely talking piece for your guests. As a gift Crystaframe is an excellent choice for family and loved ones!

When you turn the carriage a tune will start playing as you watch your beloved photos rotating. Surprise your closest with a timeless piece of your past memories!

Why Crystaframe is for you

Frame your emotions- Relive your favorite moments with every glance at the carriage, send us your photos and we’ll display them in the most opulent way!

Take a trip down memory lane- Every time you spin the carriage you’ll hear a lovely tune playing as the photos rotate and you come back to the past!

Give a piece of your heart- Your dearest deserve something truly special, help them remember your lovely moments together through an exceptional gift!

Crystaframe is the ultimate choice- Our lovely decorative piece gives you an excellent way of filling your empty spaces with your favorite photos!

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