Crunchsay-Good Wishes Cookie Molds

Crunchsay-Good Wishes Cookie Molds Posted: August 19, 2021

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Product Description

Spice up your cookie recipes

Bring out the full flavor of your cookies with our spicy molders! Crunchsay lets you mold your cookies into interesting shapes and style them with colorful choices of wishes!

Our sturdy simple molders make food artistry a treat not only for your stomach but for your baking passion too! All of them come in distinct shapes and phrases you won’t forget!

Greet your family and friends with a fresh batch of the spiciest cookies they’ve tasted, create some memorable moments and bring out some laughs for the next gathering!

Why Crunchsay is for you

Make a wish come true- If you can’t bring yourself to be rude, let cookies do it for you! Staple some colorful phrases you’ve always wanted to say!

Sweetness with a twist- Bring a different flavor to the same recipe, add some spice in their mouths with each wish stapled on your cookies!

Effortless artistry- With a little stamping you can turn the plain dough into a fun crunchy dessert that will break the ice at once!

Crunchsay is the ultimate choice- Give your cookies a traditional look and a spicy taste with the perfect cookie cutters for picky eaters!

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