Creephead- Full Head Skull Helmet

Creephead- Full Head Skull Helmet Posted: August 1, 2021

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Product Description

Join the army of the dead this Halloween

You don’t have to die to become part of the undead! We’ve dug up the fresh remains of some poor soul to create the most unreal, unliving Halloween mask you’ve ever seen!

Sculptured from the hands of professional artists, Creephead gives you the look of a walking skeleton! Breathable on the inside and breathtakingly scary, it’s a great pick for your next Hallowen evening!

For the next party, you can be the spookiest creature around and save up on costume money! Spend your next Halloween as the most realistic monster on the streets!

Why Creephead is for you

Become an undead- Give your friends a spook they will never forget, become the scariest face at the party without putting any effort!

Take their fear- You don’t need a whole costume to look frightening next Halloween, Creephead is all you need to create a scary look for the night!

Fresh from the grave- Resembling a real animated skull, Creephead is the mask of choice for a low-budget Halloween headwear!

Creephead is the ultimate choice- Become the scariest monster of the night, take to the streets looking like one of the walking dead!

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