Cornercan-Six Side Measuring Tool

Cornercan-Six Side Measuring Tool Posted: December 1, 2020

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Product Description

With this tool you can measure anything

If the corners are giving you hard time making layouts then Cornercan is just what you need. It can bend six times around corners to help you make the most precise measurements for anything!

Tighten the screws to customize the ruler, once it fits the corners you can make an even layout like a real architect. The laser-engraved measurements make the job all the more easier.

With Cornercan there is no corner you can’t get around and measure. You only need to measure once and everything measured by it will look even, clean and pristine!

Why Cornercan is for you

Around every cover- The six-sided parts can go around obstacles and corners to help you get the measurements for any project in just one go!

Master the DYI- Cornercan can access even the toughest angle to make the DIY work easier, cleaner and never uneven!

Architectural precision- With excellent markings, your next project will look professional and pristine. Drawing precise layouts is now easy as cake!

Cornercan is the ultimate choice- Equipped with Cornercan, you always have the right measuring tool to tackle even the trickiest layouts.

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