CleanCan-Automatic Touchless Trash Can

CleanCan-Automatic Touchless Trash Can Posted: December 6, 2020

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Product Description

The best bin for keeping it clean

CleanCan provides you with the convenience no other trash bin can offer! It’s compact but full of space for your daily needs and opens by itself so you never have to bend over or expose yourself to germs.

CleanCan is a welcomed addition to any room that needs a bin. Its steel shell is easy to clean and resists water. You’ll find a use for it in any place around the house!

With 13 gallons to spare you have enough space to fill for days. When the lid is sealed no odors can escape from it to make sure your home looks and smells clean!

If hygiene is what you care for CleanCan will save your home from the spreading of germs and bring you the clean convenience the future has to offer!

Why CleanCan is for you

Next-gen hygiene- The sensors open up the lid as soon as you get close to prevent the spread of germs! Hygienic and convenient, it’s the choice of the future!

Always room for more- 13 gallons of waste space is all you need to store your daily trash. Change it daily and you’ll never run out of space!

For home freshness- CleanCan seals hermicity to prevent unpleasant smells from spreading around your home. Once put, all the nasty stuff stays inside.

Useful for everywhere- CleanCan is compact enough to fit in any room and durable enough to function even when wet. It’s a bin every household needs!

CleanCan is the ultimate choice- Introduce your home to the hygiene and convenience the touchless solutions of the future provide!

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