Clabat-Contactless Infared Thermometer

Clabat-Contactless Infared Thermometer Posted: September 15, 2020

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Product Description

Ensure an illness-free workspace

Clabat keeps sickness in check around the office by measuring body temperature using infrared technology. Place your forehead in front of it and your temperature will be instantly shown on the display.

No touching is needed to operate the device, Clabat is a superior solution to manual testing. Place it at the entrance to ensure no ill employees or customers come in!

Keeping the working space safer from diseases now takes fewer resources, time and health risks. Ensure an illness-free working space using a fully automatic solution to disease spread.

Why Clabat is for you

Instant temperature testing- Clabat measures everyone’s body temperature in the moment they put their forehead next to the infrared light.

Eliminates health risks- Clabat works fully automatically, no contact will be needed for testing ensuring no cross-contamination occurs.

Applicable to anywhere- Installation is simple to provide an easy temperature testing solution to public and private buildings for customers and personnel alike.

Create a safe environment- Customers and employees can come in peace knowing their health isn’t at risk from the people around them.

Clabat is the ultimate choice- Our device keeps sickness out of closed areas and minimizes the risk of illnesses spreading in the workspace.

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