Chocomix-Multi-Shape Silicone Chocolate Mold

Chocomix-Multi-Shape Silicone Chocolate Mold Posted: February 20, 2021

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Product Description

The best candy maker helpers

Take the pressure off yourself when trying to impress with your sweet making skills! Use Chocomix to make the most intricate treats imaginable without breaking a sweat!

Take your pick of the wonderous models at your disposal and use them in any way you like! Bake or freeze your treats and watch how they take their tasty shapes!

Surprise everyone with your sweet masterpieces and not even one piece will go uneaten! Enjoy yourself trying out all the beautiful designs that always yield a tasty result!

Why Chocomix is for you

Enough for everyone- Make enough threats to satisfy a room full of guests without spending the whole day baking!

Sweeter than ever- Create the most intricately shaped sweets with ease and add a ton of flavor just from their look alone!

Limitless artistry- Don’t stop at chocolate, use Chocomix for all kinds of yummy and practical purposes for the most detailed molds ever!

Chocomix is the ultimate choice- Fill the stomachs of your loved ones with the best treats for all occasional purposes!


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