Caploom-Baby Casting 3D Hand & Footprint

Caploom-Baby Casting 3D Hand & Footprint Posted: June 4, 2020

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Product Description

Create everlasting memories with Caploom

Would it be great if you could turn your most precious memories into solid objects? This molding cast does just that. Caploom ensures nothing gets forgotten.

Within minutes you can create a detailed mold of your baby’s foot or arm to make a sculpture that will remind you of your most intimate moments with your child.

Caploom creates meaningful sculptures that become more sentimental for you as time goes on. Capture the moment and remember it forever with Caploom.

What makes Caploom so good

Mold your memories- Capsulate the moment when you first touched your child. Cast your most precious memories into stone.

The most personalized gift- Caploom creates a sculpture that keeps on giving. The more time passes, the more precious it becomes.

Simple and safe process- The sculpture is easy to make. The natural materials will leave no harm or inconvenience to your baby.

Why Caploom is for you- Pictures don’t do justice to the memories. Use Caploom to create a solid form of your most intimate moments.

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