Campnap-Kids Foldable Sleeping Bag

Campnap-Kids Foldable Sleeping Bag Posted: July 17, 2021

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Product Description

The bedtime friend every child needs

There is nothing more relaxing than laying in your own bed, but when you are away from home the second best thing is a sleeping bag you can rely on to keep you cozy!

Campnap is an adorable plushy sleeping bag, perfect for traveling and sleepovers! It goes from a cuddly toy to a cozy sleeping bag in seconds and carries just like a backpack!

When bedtime comes your child will feel homey in its embrace and spend a relaxing night wherever they are! Give your children the best sleeping experience outside of their bedroom!

Why Campnap is for you

Play until you drop- When you are not sleeping in it, Campnap folds into a big, cuddly blob of lovable push, the perfect toy for a wild playtime!

Bring your bed with you- Need a bed for the sleepover, bring your favorite fluffy friend with you and unfold it into a comfortable bed during the night!

Sleep beside a friend- When the lights go out no one wants to be alone, Campnap will make sure your child has someone to keep them company!

Campnap is the ultimate choice- When your kids are not at home you can always rely on Campnap to keep them cozy and calm during the night!

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