Calcupad-Calculator Notepad Tablet

Calcupad-Calculator Notepad Tablet Posted: July 14, 2021

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Product Description

Leave your backpack at home on your next day to class

How many pages do you burn through every day when solving equations? You can continue wasting paper each day or start solving problems and taking notes with nature in mind!

Calcupad is what every student needs, it replaces the old pen and paper for a more compact and eco-friendly way of taking notes and solving mathematical equations!

Whether you are in school or at the office you can use it to quickly crunch numbers and write them down with ease, efficiency and convenience unlike any other calculator!

Why Calcupad is for you

Solve every equation- All you need to solve the math problems you come across in class can be found in our portable number cruncher!

Save some trees- Why go through hundreds of pages each year when you can write everything down on one erasable pad!

Free your back- Instead of carrying a backpack full of notebooks, calculators and pencils each day just grab Calcupad and go to class!

Calcupad is the ultimate choice- Replace your pencil and notebook with an alternative much better for nature and your work efficiency!

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