Caketac- 23 Pcs Cake Decorating Set

Caketac- 23 Pcs Cake Decorating Set Posted: August 23, 2020

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Product Description

Become the ultimate cake decorator

We know how easy it is to ruin a cake when putting the finishing touches, that’s why we’ve made an icing practice set that will turn you from a rookie to a master decorator!

We’ve put all manner of forms for you to practice your technique and learn molds never seen before! After a few lessons with Caketac, you’ll be ready to put a magnificent touch on your cakes.

At the next event, you’ll leave the guests stunned at the wonders you’ve created. With help from Caketac you’ll become a caketastic dessert maker!

Why Caketac is for you

Find your confidence- With practice comes confidence and delicious results! You’ll turn from a shaky rookie to a steady artisan when icing.

Never disappoint again- When the big event comes a beautiful cake will be needed. Caketac will make sure every guest is left satisfied with your work!

Master the art- When you have mastered the art of icing every came you make will look stunning and delicious!

Caketac is the ultimate choice- Practice your icing skills and you’ll leave everyone in awe from your first cake making experience!

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