Cakebuck-Cake Money Dispenser

Cakebuck-Cake Money Dispenser Posted: July 3, 2020

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Product Description

Cakebuck is the funniest surprise present there is

No birthday is complete without an unexpected surprise. And what’s a better surprise than an ATM hidden inside the cake?

Fill the small pockets with bills and stash them into the dispenser. Put Cakebuck in the middle to fill the cake with money and wait for the surprise to spring.

The reaction will be priceless and the memories unforgettable. Make your friend’s dream come true and have a blast doing so.

What makes Cakebuck so good

The perfect surprise- No one expects their cake to be filled with money! Cakebuck creates lasting enjoyable memories.

Turn the birthday cake into an ATM- The dispenser can be easily hidden inside the cake to turn it into money giving machine.

The ultimate birthday gift- What’s better than a never-ending stream of money? Cakebuck will put a big smile on anybody’s face.

Why Cakebuck is for you- The best birthday surprise is always hidden in a cake. Cakebuck creates priceless birthday memories.

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