Bullbraid- Customizable Name Bracelet

Bullbraid- Customizable Name Bracelet Posted: May 27, 2021

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Product Description

The accessory every man needs

Resembling the silver bracelets given to honored warriors, Bullbraid is the perfect choice of accessory for men of all ages and backgrounds, it fits every wrist and outfit too!

You can personalize the rings with your own unique message to immortalize a memory or make a unique gift to your dearest, just send us your message and we’ll engrave it!

Unlike other bracelets, Bullbraid is exceptionally crafted with genuine leather and perfect proportions to complete your look in style! Make a gift you’ll be remembered for!

Why Bullbraid is for you

Seal your friendship- Give your friends something that will always remind them of you, surprise them with a unique gift only for them!

Complete your style- One bracelet can do a lot for your look, Bullbraid’s genuine leather design goes perfectly with every piece of clothing!

Forever together- Keep the ones you hold dear always close to mind, personalize your bracelet with up to five engravings of your choice!

Bullbraid is the ultimate choice- When there is nothing more to give, surprise your closest with a bracelet they’ll always feel close to heart!

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