BuddyBot-Voice-Control Plush Animal Toy

BuddyBot-Voice-Control Plush Animal Toy Posted: March 6, 2021

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Product Description

The best buddy a child could hope for

BuddyBot gives you the experience of having a playful puppy at home without making you take any commitments, and more importantly, a loyal friend for your kids to play with!

Clap your hands to signal you want to play and BuddyBot will start barking and performing tricks just as a real pupper, keeping the kids entertained and smiling.

You can pet, hug and play with him every time you want, BuddyBot is always ready to bring you joy! Now you don’t have to take on responsibilities just to make your kids happy!

Why BuddyBot is for you

A real friend- Give your kids the experience of having a pupper as a friend without taking on any responsibility or commitments!

Ready for playtime- Let BuddyBot know you want to play and it will interact with you in numerous ways just as a playful puppy!

Fills you with joy- BuddyBot will grab the heart of your kids from first sight! Cuddly, lifelike and adorable, it’s the perfect plushy toy!

BuddyBot is the ultimate choice- Gift your child a pupper they’ll love as much as a real one! BuddyBot is the only pet with no downsides!

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