BuddyBed-Baby Sleeping Bag

BuddyBed-Baby Sleeping Bag Posted: December 17, 2020

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Product Description

The softest bed your baby could hope for

BuddyBed is the perfect sleeping companion a baby needs! Made to look like their favorite teddy bear, it gives toddles a lasting warm hug to make naptime all the more relaxing!

You can adjust how much you want your baby to be covered at any time. Once inside, you can stay assured that BuddyBed will provide the exact warmth and softness to make any toddler fall asleep easily!

When you don’t have the time let BuddyBed give a wrapping hug to help your baby feel safe, secured and embraced by love! Dreamland awaits your baby inside BuddyBed’s soft covers!

Why BuddyBed is for you

Wrapped in love- Covered from five different angles, your baby will feel BuddyBed’s warm embrace throughout the whole night!

The warmest hug- BuddyBed gives your baby a constant cuddle so he feels safe and secure even when you leave the room!

Sleeping heaven- Made by white soft wool, your baby will easily lose himself in the dreamland while resting in the comfy wraps!

BuddyBed is the ultimate choice- The sweetest of dreams are easy to be found when you are resting on a cloud made out of wool!

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