BubbleBowl-Bubble Milk Bowl

BubbleBowl-Bubble Milk Bowl Posted: May 9, 2021

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Product Description

The ultimate baby pet feeder

Replacing the mother’s duties is a hard and time-consuming job. BubbleBowl can relieve you of the hardships of fostering babies by making nursing the easiest thing to do!

Resembling a mother’s tummy, BubbleBowl creates a genuine feeding experience that is both safer for your pet and less time-consuming for you. You can start using it after the first week!

Your babies can only feed themselves whenever they want but enjoy the feel of a real breast. BubbleBowl is the perfect feeder for kittens and puppies without a mother!

Why BubbleBowl is for you

Simple nursing- Feeding your babies doesn’t have to be hard, just fill BubbleBowl with milk and let your little pets feed themselves!

Mother’s touch- Every baby needs a mother, BubbleBowl’s design creates a genuine feeding experience for your kittens and puppies!

A safer way- Unlike feeding with a needle, BubbleBowl’s even flow protects from choking, to create a safer nursing experience!

BubbleBowl is the ultimate choice- Feeding time is no longer a drag, enjoy a simpler, safer and quicker way of nursing your pet babies!

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