Ben-Wax-Premium Wax Warming Kit

Ben-Wax-Premium Wax Warming Kit Posted: September 4, 2020

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Product Description

The ultimate way to a flawless skin

Our waxing kit brings the professional hair removal ways of the east into your home. Ben-Wax is everything a woman needs to achieve silky smooth skin without costly procedures.

Heat the beads until they melt and apply the formula as it cools down. Leave it until you feel it’s hardening and pull. After seeing the painless results, you won’t try anything else.

Ben-Wax holds the way to elegantly smooth skin from your home. Treat your body to a professional-grade waxing experience that will leave you looking glowing from head to toe!

Why Ben-Wax is for you

Become glamorous- After a session with Ben-Wax, your skin will be glowing! Achieve the elegant flaunt skin look every woman strives for!

No pain required- A quick pull from our wax doesn’t leave marks, irritations, or cause pain. In an instant, you’ll pull out all hairs at no expense!

Leave no hair standing- The natural formula is easy to put and pull on even the most sensitive parts of your body to make sure you are smooth as silk all the way down.

Ben-Wax is the ultimate choice- If skin perfection is what you are after use a way that is more effective and painless than anything else. Achieve silky smoothness all-around your body!

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