Beemic-Sweat-proof Mobile Game Controller Finger Sleeves

Beemic-Sweat-proof Mobile Game Controller Finger Sleeves Posted: July 15, 2020

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Product Description

Never tire your fingers while gaming on your phone

Does prolonged mobile gaming cause pain to your fingers? With these gaming finger gloves, you’ll never experience discomfort so you can play at your peak for hours.

Beemic are made from stretchy fiber which is both breathable and comfy. The super-thin design keeps your actions sensible to the screen. You’ll have excellent control over movement and aiming.

Gaming on the phone will never tire your fingers ever again. Use Beemic to get an unfair advantage over the competition in every game you play.

Why Beemic are for you

Keeping you at peak performance- Play for hours on end without sweating or soring your fingers. Be at the top of your game at all times.

Full control over the game- Even the lightest touch is addressed. Beemic slides perfectly over the screen so you aim and shoot even better.

A comfortable advantage- Breathable and soft, Beemic make gaming more pleasurable and less taxing on your fingers.

Beemic are the ultimate choice- With these finger gloves, you can outperform anyone. Play with flawless precision and ultimate comfort.

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