BeadWix – Vintage Butterfly Hair Clips

BeadWix – Vintage Butterfly Hair Clips Posted: July 30, 2020

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Product Description

You won’t experience a bad hair day ever again

BeadWix thinks for you first! It’s the comfiest quick-fix hair clip out there. Flexible, light and easy to adjust it’s the essential every woman in a hurry needs.

There are no bad hair days when BeadWix is around! It turns messy hairs of all types into a waspy style within seconds, practical yet beautiful at the same time.

Next time you are late just put on BeadWix to skip the mirror time. Throughout the day you’ll feel free and secure, that’s what BeadWix is all about!

Why BeadWix is for you

An instant hair fix- BeadWix works for hair of all types! In seconds you can tie up the messy hair into a beautiful waspy hairstyle.

Comfort all day long- The flexible bands wrap around without forcing or dangling the hairs. You won’t find a comfier hair clip.

Many styles to choose from- Style the messy hair into a bun, ponytail or cascade. Without any hair prep, you can style an instant stylish look.

BeadWix is the ultimate choice- If you are in a hurry you can still go out with a great hairstyle. With BeadWix there are no bad hair days.

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