Beachbocks-Color Changing Beach Pants

Beachbocks-Color Changing Beach Pants Posted: June 19, 2020

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Product Description

These magic shorts get all the attention

Beachbocks are the coolest shorts to wear on the beach.  With their unique color-changing patterns you’ll stand out in the crowd.

When exposed to water Beachbocks change their color. The fabric is light and comfy. They dry up in minutes and are perfectly adjustable.

It’s like magic, surprise everyone with the shorts that never keep the same color. Beachbocks make you the star at the party.

What makes Beachbocks so good

Get all the attention- You’ll get all the eyes on you when wearing these magic shorts. Be unique and stand out at the beach.

Unique color changing- Splash them with water and see the cool color changing. The coloring patterns are always unique.

Go out in style- Beachbocks dries in minutes and is adjustable to any size. You’ll feel free and comfy in the soft material.

Why Beachbocks are for you- If you want to be cooler with minimal effort then put on these magic shorts and watch how people react.

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