Baitizza-Fishing Umbrella Rig

Baitizza-Fishing Umbrella Rig Posted: June 24, 2021

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Product Description

Take on the biggest game with ease

Baitizza combines an old school of struggling swimbaits with bass-attracting action to give you a consistent way of reeling the big game and smaller predators in the waters!

With five arms to hold your different lures and five shiny attention-grabbing sinkers, Baitizza looks so good that even the toughest bass won’t be able to resist lunging at it!

You can put different baits on the rings to hunt for various types and bag ‘em all at once! From shallow waters to the lake’s bottom, Baitizza can help you catch ‘em all!

Why Baitizza is for you

Hook ’em all at once- When you pick a good spot and the bass sees a pack of small fish you can expect to hook a couple of them at once!

Irresistible bait- The bigger fish need a big enough bait to catch their interest, lure them with a snack they won’t be able to resist!
Reel every type in- If the water holds a variety of game, diversify your bait to hunt for all your preferred types at the same time!

Baitizza is the ultimate choice- Double your chances of catching the next big fish with your own little pack of irresistible lures!

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