Autoplush-Fuzzy Steering Wheel Cover

Autoplush-Fuzzy Steering Wheel Cover Posted: October 8, 2020

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Product Description

Match the car interior with your style

Autoplush is a set of fluffy car accessories for the steering wheel, hand brake and gears that bring a cute look to the gloomy interior and a soft feeling to the rough wheel.

Made from genuine wool you’ll feel like touching a cloud when you put your hands on the wheel, what’s more, their girly look brings a more feminine vibe to your interior.

Autoplush looks cute and feels even cuter when you put it on. Enhance your ride with your favorite color and your hands will never get cold while holding the wheel!

Why Autoplush is for you

Bring some sass- Fluff up the rough steering wheel and hand brake to bring your own sassy style to the car’s interior.

Pure softness- Autoplush is made from pure wool, which is durable, warm and super soft, keeping your hands cuddled up as you drive.

From gloomy to girly- If you don’t like the bland colors of the interior then spice them up with some girly cuteness to bring a feminine touch.

Autoplush is the ultimate choice- The best accessory for a smooth ride in the winter is our fluffy set. Autoplush brings warmth to your hands and a sassy vibe to your interior!

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