AstroSpy-Astronaut Baby Monitor

AstroSpy-Astronaut Baby Monitor Posted: June 24, 2021

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Product Description

Keep a watchful eye over your toddler at any time!

AstroSpy is the ultimate remote caretaker for your toddler! Place it in view of their crib and you’ll be able to watch over them and talk to them in real-time from your phone.

The sensors can alert you as soon as they detect movement and even at nighttime, you’ll be able to see them clearly. You can pan the camera remotely so nothing goes unnoticed!

When you are in the next room or far away, AstroSpy can connect you to your child so you can rest assured they are doing well. AstroSpy makes parenting possible even remotely!

Why AstroSpy is for you

Assure their wellbeing- See through your phone what the young ones are up to and get an alarm as soon as the sensor sees movement to stay informed of their wellbeing!

In touch with their needs- Use the two-way voice call to hear their needs and support them with your loving words even when you are away!

Never out of your sight- The 355° rotating camera can pan to cover every part of the room so you have a constant eye on your baby even at night!

AstroSpy is the ultimate choice- Our vigilant bot sees to that you are always informed of your child’s wellbeing and never separated from one another!

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