AshArt-Epox Molding Art Kit

AshArt-Epox Molding Art Kit Posted: January 4, 2021

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Product Description

The perfect mold for your resin crafts

Now is the best time to expand your artsy skills! Use your imagination and create the most unique home crafts without any tedious work all with the help from our ashtray molder.

AshArt pops your crafts easily, thanks to its flexible nature you have a molder that can be reused a thousand times! Pour your resin concoction in and when it dries, your piece is ready to be popped!

You needn’t stop having fun, if the house gets full of ashtrays start giving them out to friends to free up space for your next creations. Let’s get creative and mold something unseen before!

Why AshArt is for you

Limitless beauty- Experiment with different pigments and ornaments until you create an ashtray unrivaled for its vividness!

The simplest art- You don’t need any talents to craft something special. Just pour the melting resin into the AshArt and wait for the cold to mold your piece!

Don’t stop at one- Let your imagination think of new creative designs and gift all your friends an art piece made from the heart!

AshArt is the ultimate choice- The fun of creating DYI art never stops in single quantities! AshArt does the molding to leave you with the best part of crafting!

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