AquaEgg-Egg Bath Toy

AquaEgg-Egg Bath Toy Posted: April 28, 2021

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Product Description

Make some new friends while you bathe

AquaEggs are the best toys to bring into the bath! They are cute, interactive and safe for children of all ages. Bring them with you to make bath time an enjoyable experience for everyone!

Inside each egg lies an adorable little animal ready to play. Once you dip them they come out of their shell and can shoot water from their mouths, it’s never dull with them!

AquaEgg gives your kids something to do in the bath so you can wash them with less trouble. Bring some company into the bath and watch the joy AquaEgg will bring to your child!

Why AquaEgg is for you

Keep them still- Are the kids too rowdy in the bath, let AquaEgg take their attention so you can bathe them without any trouble!

Bathe with friends- Feeling lonely in the bath, invite some friends over to make bathtime a more enjoyable experience for your child!

Help them hatch- The cute animals need your help, dip them in water and watch how they come out of their shell to play!

AquaEgg is the ultimate choice- Playtime never has to stop, continue on the fun even when bath time comes to never stop smiling!

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