Angiam-Dog Sleeping Car Ornament

Angiam-Dog Sleeping Car Ornament Posted: May 16, 2021

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Product Description

Drive around with an angel at your side

Angiam come from heaven to fill your car with cuteness! Made with care and detail, these tiny ornaments resemble what animals look like when they go to heaven.

Wrapped around a pair of angel wings, our tiny animals sleep soundly and create the cutest view you’ve seen! They are easy to hang and stay put even on the bumpy road!

The little angels will always watch over you even when they are sleeping. Hang them around as decorations or enjoy their sight in your car, Angiam are perfect for everywhere!

Why Angiam are for you

Travel with company- When you hit the long road you’ll never be alone, Angiam’s cute vibes will stay with you on all your travels!

Overwhelming cuteness- Even the bumpy road won’t wake up the tiny animals from their slumber, enjoy their heartwarming look anytime you look up!

Your guardian angel- Everyone needs a symbol to protect them on the road, let Angiam keep you and our family safe from harm!

Angiam are the ultimate choice- Adorable, realistic and versatile, Angiam make for the perfect gift for lovers of cute animals!

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