Ambicol-2-in-1 Remote Control Stunt Car

Ambicol-2-in-1 Remote Control Stunt Car Posted: September 8, 2020

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Product Description

The ultimate off-road stunt car

Are you ready to do on an off-road adventure? Ambicol moves through all terrains and even surfs on water. It’s the pinnacle of 4-wheel engineering all in one versatile toy!

Every wheel rotates independently at 360º, giving you perfect control for wild stunts. Ambicol’s durable body and big tires ensure it continues racing even upside down or after heavy collisions.

Combining a powerful body, precise control and supreme versatility, nothing can stop you from speeding through maintains and oceans! Ambicol is the best toy car a child can hope for!

Why Ambicol is for you

Drift through the waves- Ambicol is precisely sealed for amphibious adventures! Surf through the water to reach any destination!

High-speed at all terrains- Mud, sand, snow, nothing stops Ambicol’s off-road design! Every wheel rotates at 360º so you can plow through anything!

For the craziest stunts- Packing a shockproof body, flexible tires and a responsive remote, Ambicol is the best toy stunt car yet!

Ambicol is the ultimate choice- No terrain or stunt is unbearable for Ambicol! It takes maneuverability and versatility to a whole new level!

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