AlphaWhirl-ABC Card Game

AlphaWhirl-ABC Card Game Posted: August 15, 2021

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Product Description

Expand your toddler’s vocabulary

It’s never too early to start learning, introduce your children to new letters, colors and sounds with AlphaWhirl, the most colorful educational flashcards out there!

Their vivid colors captivate attention from first glance! Every letter is illustrated by an adorable animal to stimulate your child’s curiosity and immerse them in the learning process!

Teaching isn’t easy but it can be fun with the right stimulation, AlphaWhirl are super soft to the touch and big enough to be easily recognized, the perfect start for your kid’s literacy lessons!

Why AlphaWhirl is for you

Learn every letter- Give your child a head start in literacy, enrich their vocabulary and help them learn all about the alphabet!

Captivate their curiosity- Discover the abundance of colors, animals and sounds our world has, every flashcard has something new for you to learn!

Teach with a smile- Teaching your kids doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom, show them how fun learning new words and letters can be!

Why AlphaWhirl is for you- Take your first steps toward becoming a spelling champion, learn all about the alphabet with our vivid array of flashcards!

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