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Pexxy is a software tool that does all the hard work when it comes to succeeding in Dropshipping & E-Commerce. 

The All-in-One Toolkit For Building Your First Profitable Shopify Store

Ready-to-test products, ads, descriptions, training and a private community with weekly Q&A coaching calls. In short – everything you need to crush it with eCom!

  • Instant access to a library of hundreds of ready-to-test products
  • 2-Hand Picked Products every single day
  • Professional Video Ads Included With Each Product To Start Testing Instantly

#1 Rated dropshipping tool

Here's What Members Get

Daily Trending Products

Professional Video Ad With Each Product

Optimized Product Desicription

24/7 Customer Support

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Headline: Why you fail at dropshipping





Every grandma and grandpa knows about dropshipping and it sounds like an easy process right?


Find a product, create a shopify store around it, create a video and run some $10 facebook adsets and then Shasching, a new BMW is on its way.


Nope, sorry it’s not that easy. These are the most important pillars for success in dropshipping & e-commerce:


  1. Good product that solves a problem or has a wow factor. No cheap aliexpress necklace

Good video ad, that is fast pace & shows the benefits for the user and especially designed to convert.

Good product description, copywriting is king here. Interest them with a video ad and sell them with your words.


If one is not right the whole thing collapses. Think about it.


If your product is bad, but you have an insane advertisment, you will still fail.


They key is to get the three pillars above ALL right, but that is hard to do. It takes hours and you might make a mistake in your way.


However, Pexxify does all the hard work for you.  It will take the hours away from your time.


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P.S: You are always one decision away from the right path. See you on the other side!


Headline: Don’t give up on Dropshipping


Many of us give up to early on the thing we want most. Dropshipping is not as easy as it seems on youtube videos.

You need 3 things to succeed:


  1. a good product (not a random Aliexpress product, that you think might sell well)
  2. a good advertisement, that is fast pace and optimized for conversion
  3. at last, a good product description


If you go about and try to launch a product with the 3 steps listed above, it will take hours of your time and you might even do a mistake in the process.


But what if you get access to daily 2-Hand-picked products with launch-ready descriptions, video ads, targeting, ad copy & competitor data.


An absoulety beast. It’s called Pexxify and so far it has been closed to the public. But for the first time ever, it is open to the public for all! It is unclear for how long but it is chance you do not wan’t to miss out:


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Do you want to succeed in E-Commerce & Dropshipping?

Then you probably heard of this tool called Pexxify.

Take a few minutes of your time and at the end you will know whether or not Pexxify is right for you.

What is Pexxify?

Pexxify is online software that gives you access to a library of hundreds of hand-selected products with ready-to-use ads, thumbnail descriptions. 

What are the benefits of using Pexxify?

2 Daily Hand-Selected Products

There is no AI or algorithm that chooses the products. The products that are shown are handpicked by real people to ensure its a good product to start selling.

Pexxify gives you everything you need to instantly launch your product:

You don’t just get the product. Each product has a professional custom video made that is ready to be used for advertisement on Facebook & Instagram. In addition to that you get an thumbnail, a product description and an ad copy! 

This is a huge timesaver and will save you hours of your time and money.

How much does it cost? Pricing:

Pexxify has a monthly subscription you need to pay. Currently, there is a sale going on where you can save 40% on your first subscription.

Monthly Subscription Cost: $19.99


Who is this for?

Pexxify is the most comprehensive all-in-one E-com Success Starterkit for beginners and pros.
If you are into E-Commerce or Dropshipping then this tool is an absolute must and a huge time saver.
You do not need to manually search up products, validate them, create video ads.
With just $19.99 you get access dedicated research team soley focused on getting you results.

They do the hard work to select hand-picked 2 products daily and add them on their platform.

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