How To Start A Blog For Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

How To Create A Blog For Affiliate Marketing:

A Blog is a great opportunity to make passive income with affiliate marketing. Here are step, by step introductions on starting your site!

1. Get a hosting provider

Before you can start your blog, you need a website. And what do you need for a website? Exactly a hosting provider.

I recommend Bluehost it is not only cheap but is also a reliable and fast provider. It is perfect for people on a tight budget.

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Choosing Your Bluehost Plan:

There are four plans to choose from; however the first plan (Basic Plan) is all you are going to need for the beginning.

Choosing Your Domain

Your next step is going to be choosing your domain. Remember, you do have a free domain included meaning you won’t pay for that.

Can’t decide on a domain? No worries you can create your domain later and it still will be free.


If you already own a domain you want to connect to bluehost you can easily do so too.


Adding Your Billing

This is the last step and simple, just add all your information in and continue. You can choose where or not you want to get the extra packages with your website. If want a simple solution, when you mess something up in your website I recommend also getting  ‘Codeguard Basic’. It makes Daily backups and you can restore these with 1 Click. However this add-on is not mandatory.

Installing WordPress:

Bluehost will install WordPress, now all you have to do is create your login credentials.

Next, you can choose a Theme you want to install on your site (you can change this anytime later).

That’s it.

After choosing your Theme you will land here

Now all you have to do is launch your website

Here you can give your Site a title and a description (you can change this later too).

That’s it! You just created your website. Bluehost installs WordPress automatic for you, which is not the case on all other providers.


Sign Up To A Affiliate Platform

Alright now you need to find products to promote on your blog. But how do I find affiliate products to promote?

We will use an Affiliate Platform called “Clickbank“, it is one of the best platforms to find affiliate products. You earn commission as high as 75% and it completely free to use. This is why many Affiliates prefer Clickbank over the Amazon Affilaite Programm, it just pays better.

So our first step is to sign-up on Clickbank.

Fill out your information and continue

You will now land on this page. Here you will see your commission you earn a pretty easy to understand interface. But first you will need to create your official affiliate account, which will be used to track all your commissions.

Click on ‘Accounts’



Now click on ‘Create Account’. Choose Affiliate in the Account type section and then chose a username.

Now go back to the dashboard and click on ‘Affiliate Marketplace’ to discover products for Affiliate Marketing.

On the left you can see all the different niches for example Software and Health & Fitness. If you are planing to do your blog on Fitness you would then choose the Fitness Categorie and find products there to promote. Not sure what niche to promote? Check out this to see what the best paying affiliate niches.


Let’s say for example we want our blog to be about Health & Fitness, we would then go to the category of that. Now you will see a list of different affiliates products you can promote.

Here are some key things you need to know:

  • When clicking on the title you will be redirected to the sales page of the product. Meaning this is what a customer will see when he wants to buy the product.
  • Gravity is an indicator how many affiliates market that product. You want to promote a gravity of at least 15
  • The Affiliate Page is where you can find additional resources/information about the product.


How To Promote ClickBank Products:

You obviously need some kind of link, so Clickbank can track sales that are made by you.

To promote a Clickbank product simply go to the desired product and click on ‘PROMOTE’.

Than this will pop-up will show up:

Now Insert your account Nickname. This is the nickname you inserted in this form

If you forgot your Nickname go back to your dashboard and click on ‘Accounts‘.

That’s it you now have a WordPress website and you have now signed up to Clickbank and you know to use it.