How To Promote Clickbank Products Using Facebook Ads (Full Tutorial)

How To Promote Clickbank Products Using Facebook Ads (Full Tutorial)


Step 1: Identify The Niche You Want To Promote

Now here’s the deal, out of all the niches in Clickbank I recommend you choose the following three:

1. Health & Fitness

2. E-Business & E-Marketing

3. Home & Garden


Step 2. Build a proper Funnel

This is the most important step and can’t be overlooked. If you want to promote ClickBank products with Facebook ads you have to have a specific funnel.

This means you cant do this with facebook ads:

You need something called a bridge page, where you sent your traffic too and from there you will redirect them to the actual affiliate offer.

Here is how it would look

A bridge page can be the following:

  1. A Quiz page where people have to answer some questions. At the end of the quiz, you will redirect them to your ClickBank offer
  2. A lead page, where people have to enter their email in exchange you will give them something for free (like an e-book). After you collect their email you can redirect them to your Clickbank offer.


I recommend the second option where you will collect their email and in addition, you can redirect them into your offer. You may have heard the money is in the list and for a good reason.

If you have an email from a qualified lead, you have more than 1 chance to convince them to make a purchase. In fact you have unlimited, since you have their email forever which you can also use to sell other related Clickbank products.

Step 3. Creating Your Landing Page

So we have established we need a landing page (bridge page) to send our traffic too. But what is the best and easiest way to do so?

The answer is Clickfunnels.

building a landing page

Clickfunnels allows you to build beautiful landing pages in minutes without knowing any prior technical experience, its suitable for any beginner.


Real Example Of A Landing Page

Once you have signed up for click funnels you will need to create a bridge page. Let’s say for example we are promoting a health product in Clickbank. You can’t just type in your landing page something like ‘‘Click here to learn how to lose 50 pounds in under a week” and then just redirect them to your Clickbank offer. What Doesn’t work.

If we were promoting a health supplement product we could start by asking the person, what is their ideal way of achieving their body goal is. And after the person answers these questions we can say ”Your Ideal way to lose weight is with the following method” and then you would have a button that redirects them to the ClickBank offer.

Here is a practical example:

Remember: We are promoting a weight loss Clickbank offer.

We would now send traffic from Facebook ads to the following landing page (I will explain facebook ads later)

1. Your Facebook Ad Traffic will go here. People will complete the short quiz

2. After they have completed the quiz an opt-in will appear asking for their email. 

After they have clicked the submit button you will redirect them to your ClickBank offer in this case the weight loss offer.


Bonus: You want to download this complete funnel click here and you can copy my entire funnel and change everything you want in it.


Step 4. Collect Emails From Your Funnel

Here we go, this is what’s really going to at least 2x your revenue. Building an email list may sound too techy but it really isn’t. Just follow the following steps and we will get there. Remember not everyone is going to purchase the first time they see the Clickbank product your promoting.


Email Marketing allows you to follow up on your leads and get them to purchase.

Step 4.1 – Sign Up To GetResponse For A 30 Day Free Trial

Click Here to get your 30 day free trial on Getresponse. Create an account and we can move on!

Building a email list clickbank

Step 4.2 – Get The Email Sequences From Your Clickbank Vendor

If you head over to the affiliate page of the ClickBank product you are selling 90% of the time you will see a section with email swipes download them and simply copy and paste them into Getresponse.


Step 5 – Creating Your Facebook Ad For Your Clickbank Product

At this point, you should have your landing page and your email sequences ready.

The first step is to create a business account for your Facebook account. I’m not got go through this step by step, it is really easy just sign up and you will soon see a screen like this.

You will need to create a campaign at this point

Step 1. Create a traffic campaign

Step 2. Selecting Gender & Country and age

These options are very different for each product you are promoting. Make sure to check the demographics on the affiliate page on clickbank so see if they show any statistics like gender or age range.

For countries I recommend you start with the Top 5 countries

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. New Zealand
  5. Australia

As for the targeting, my tip is to write down the first word that comes in your mind when thinking about your clickbank offer. For example if you are selling a weight loss product the first word would be ‘‘Weight Loss”


Now it comes to the AD copy and image, again this depends on the product you are selling.