How To Find Good Dropshipping Products (That Really Sell!)

Do you want to start a successful Dropshipping business? Alright, you probably know by now how dropshipping works. You create a Shopify store, and you create a website, and then you sell products and advertise them. But how do you find good dropshipping products that actually sell?

That’s an important question! It does not matter how good your store looks and how good your advertising is if your product sucks you simply won’t get any sales and you will wonder why. So before doing anything, you need to know how to find good profitable products that will sell.

Note: The following methods are not ranked in a particular order

1. Spy On Competitors Who Already Own A Successful Dropshipping Store!

This is one of the best ways to find a winning product. You visit a store that is already succeeding with dropshipping, and you look at what products they are adding!

You can take products from stores who are already successful and are making a lot of money from their store.

Alright, but how do you know that the dropshipping store you are on is succeeding and how do you know what products that are sold from their sold are making them money?

Great question! Let’s take it Step-by-Step, first. You want to download a chrome extension called ‘Commerce Inspector‘. This extension is free to use and allows you to analyze a dropshipping store. You will be able to see what the best-sellers are from the store/how much Traffic they are getting and what products they recently added.

Once you downloaded the extension you can see it at the top right of your chrome tab. Now you can head to any Shopify store and analyze them with this tool.

How this method works; If you see a dropshipping ad or you land on a dropshipping site open the extension. Than look how much Traffic they are receiving. IF they are getting good Traffic, look for anything above 5k Traffic a month. (which means the store is successful, why else would it get Traffic.) Then simply look for their best sellers, what products make them the most money and also look for their recently launched products and simply search that product on Aliexpress and use them on your own store.

2. Spocket

Spocket is a platform is a platform where you can find dropshipping products. The good thing about Spocket is that they give you good suppliers with 4-7 Day Shipping time! Shipping times with 3 weeks delivery is a no-go in 2020, people want their packages fast and Spocket gives you products with high quality suppliers. Keep in mind that good shipping time increases conversions, no one wants to wait weeks for a package to arrive. Spocket is fully integrated with Shopify, meaning you can import products from Spocket to Shopify with 1 click (Including all Variants, Images and the product description will be imported with 1-click).

You can sign up for Spocket here


2. Amazon Movers and Shakers

This is often an underrated method of finding winning products. Amazon Movers and Shakers show you trending products that have had an increase in sales in the past 24 hours.

Your first step is to go Amazon Movers and Shakers site and choose your Niche on the left side. Now you can see different products that have increased sales in the past 24 hours.

Go to one product you think you would like to dropship and grab the title of it and search it on Aliexpress!


3. Aliexpress DropShipping Center:

Did you know that Aliexpress has its Dropshipping centre where Aliexpress give you winning products based on orders/ratings. It’s about time you do. First, you will need an Aliexpress account which you probably already have, but if not create one.

After you are logged into your Aliexpress account, go to your Aliexpress account settings

Once in your account settings, there will be a section called “Dropshipping Center.”

On the Dropshipping Center, you can choose a product in the Niche you want to sell. The products that are shown here are proven to sell.

Bonus Tip:

Different platforms already do product research for you! Most of them just spam you with junk/saturated products. During my time Dropshipping, I used a tool called E-Sniper, where I used to find some winning products of mine.

E-Sniper adds daily winning products to their platform? I say winning products because the products that they upload aren’t random products. The products are pulled out of Facebook ads that are going viral (that have many comments, likes, shares). They also give you a link to a dropshipping store selling the product, so you can get ideas on how to write your product description and what images to use. E-Sniper also includes an Aliexpress link to the product, so no guess working to find the product you are seeing.

Best Product Research Method