How To Find A Winning Product For Dropshipping 2020

how to find a winning product for dropshipping

If you want to find a winning product for dropshipping there are some key things to know. For starters what product not to drop ship so you can avoid them directly from the start.

Dropshipping Products To Avoid

1. Watches

This is probably the number 1 product to avoid dropshipping. Most people who buy watches really want something special and a solid brand behind it. Think about it, you would probably rather buy a watch from Samsung rather than some company called “Hizardwatches”  you saw an ad from. Im not saying it’s impossible, however, you’re website really needs to look perfect and you need to build a long-term brand, I’m talking about building a following on Instagram, and social media so people know who you are. If you are a beginner just avoid it completely.

2. Fashion Products

Again, we have the same problem as the watches you will lack the brand authority in the beginning. Most people buy fashion from authority brands, especially women. Women tend to buy more expensive clothes from authority brands than men. So even if you would dropship fashion products the female demographic would convert bad.

3. Weight Loss Products

You also want to avoid weight loss products. The primary reason for that is, that you will have a hard time advertising them. Especially on Facebook (where you will run most of your ads), you will run into trouble when advertising health/weight loss products.  Your ads will most likely get rejected and as a result of that, your FB ad account will get banned.

You can still advertise them, however your ad needs to be compliant with all of Facebook guidelines, and at the same time, they need to perform well.

Source Facebook

Find Winning Dropshipping Products:

Alright, you now have found out exactly what products to avoid, but how do you find good dropshipping products?

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