Affiliate Marketing Vs Dropshipping (Best One To Start)


Affiliate Marketing VS Dropshipping


You’re planning on starting an online business and you are now unsure which business model to start with.

Affiliate Marketing or Dropshipping? I will lay down the pros and cons for both of them


Why Affiliate Marketing?


Don’t worry about writing a converting product page

This is one of the biggest pros when it comes to Affiliate Marketing. If you are dropshipping you have to write a converting product description for the product you are selling, otherwise, your traffic wouldn’t convert.

With Affiliate Marketing your only job is to get traffic to the sales page of the product you are trying to earn commissions from.+


More Profitable Than Dropshipping

You are here to make money and with Dropshipping there comes more cost.

Think about it, on Dropshipping you will have the following expenses:

  1.  Ad Cost (Paid Advertising, to get Traffic to your site)
  2.  Product Shipping Cost (You will have to buy the product and ship it to the customer)

Now here’s how the expenses of Affiliate Marketing looks:

  1. Only AD Cost (To get Traffic To the Affiliate Product you’re promoting)


Your Profit Margins Are Way Higher

If you are promoting Clickbank products you can expect to earn Commission starting from 70% all the way up to 90%!

Keep in mind that most Clickbank products also upsell a customer once they purchase their main offer, and you will also receive your commission from these Upsells!


Most Affiliate Products give you ready-to-use advertising materials

Most Affiliate products you are trying to promote will already have material ready for you to use. I am talking about Customer Demographics, AD images and an AD copy. Remember that the Vendors want you to make money because that means they will also earn money.


The Problem With Dropshipping

It is not as easy as it sounds

You probably have heard this before but it is really true. With Dropshipping you have to have several different skills including:

  1. Writing a converting description
  2. E-Mail Marketing (For Retargeting people who have added to cart)
  3. Product Research (Finding products that will actually sell)
  4. Video Editing (To Edit Videos of the product to make them convert)

It can be quite overwhelming for some people and most people tend to ignore one aspect, which leads to a low conversion rate.