12 Minute Affiliate System Review (The Truth)

12 Minute Affiliate System Review (Real User Review)

If you are trying to start an Affiliate Marketing business then you probably heard about the so-called ‘’12 Minute Affiliate System’’

By now you probably already watched devon brown’s presentation and you are now wondering if you are getting something in return for your money.

Well, look no further because I am here to show it all to you.

What Is The 12 Minute Affiliate System?

Let’s look over what the 12 Minute Affiliate System really is.

To understand what you really getting let’s look how affiliate marketing works:

Step.1 Create a so-called Opt-In Page (Where you collect the emails) and from there you redirect them to your affiliate offer

Step.2 Set up an autoresponder (E-Mail Marketing) to follow up with your collected emails because not all people will purchase the first time they see your affiliate offer

Step. 3 Send Traffic To Your Optin Page.

Sounds techy and you think it takes much time to set up?

Well, you’re right its not easy and that’s what the 12-minute affiliate system is there for.


Here Is Exactly What You Receive After Signing Up For The 12 Minute Affiliate System (Step-By-Step)

After signing up to 12 Minute Affiliate you will land on a page that looks exactly like the screenshot above.

You will see a full checklist (with instructions) on what your next steps are.

Here Are The Easy 12 Minute Steps You Need To Take (that’s where the name 12-minute affiliate system comes from 🙂

Step 1: Creating A Affiliate Account (2 Minutes)
Your’e trying to promote Affiliate products and for that you will first need an Affiliate account to start. You will be signing up for Clickbank, one of the best affiliate networks out there. They have a ton of different niches and different products to choose from.

And no you do not have to apply to sign up, it is completely free and you can create an account in 2 Minutes with all features.

Step 2: Sign Up To Your Autoresponder (2 Minutes)

Now you will need an E-Mail Marketing software where you can collect the emails of people and where you can send them automatically day by day.

This process is made extremely easy inside the 12 Minute Affiliate System.

You will be signing up for Aweber and after signing up for the 12-minute Affiliate System you will even receive your first 30-Days for free and after that it costs 19.99$ a month, which is still very cheap when you compare it to what you’re getting.

However, after your first month, you should be making enough to pay for the subscription after 30 days for free anyway.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Autoresponder (Very Easy)

Normally when you collect an email from a person you will have to set up an email sequence manually meaning you have to create an email that will be sent on day 1, day 2, day 3, etc…

However, inside the 12-minute affiliate area, you can simply click one button and auto-generated emails will be created WITH your Affiliate Link based on your Niche.

Believe me, I am talking from experience, and manually setting this up takes normally hours and with the 12-minute affiliate system it only takes a few clicks.


Step 4: Activate Your Funnel (Opt-In Page)

Remember before, where I talked about how it takes time to create a functional and conversion-optimized landing page? Well, the 12 Minute Affiliate System takes care of that.

Devon and his team have created many tested and proven to work done for you funnels which you can literally use in a few button clicks and you can change aspects of the landing page if you want (like text or images)

Last Step: Get Done-For-You Traffic

Now you set everything up and your email sequences are ready to go and now the only thing that is missing is traffic.

You can buy Paid Traffic inside the 12 Minute Affiliate System Area.

It is worth mentioning that Paid Traffic is the best way to see results fast and you can literally start earning the next day with paid traffic. Learning Free Traffic is time-consuming and it takes long (trust me longer than you think) to see results especially if you are doing SEO.

Inside the area, you simply have to chose what Niche Traffic You want and the 12 Minute Affiliate Team will send high-quality traffic to your opt-in page which is already optimized fully.


12 Minute Affiliate System Review & Verdict (+Bonus)

If you are still asking yourself it the 12 Minute Affiliate System is a scam, I am happy to inform you that It is not.

I recommend this for anyone starting an Affiliate Marketing business. You are truly are getting an insane value for in return for your money. Something I can’t say about every other program and their support is truly awesome.

Remember after signing up you will also be allowed to join the 12 Minute Affiliate System’s Facebook Group where you will join a community of thousands who are starting their journey just like you.